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Trip reports

I'm in the process of making a .pdf or .docx version of all birding trip reports, and add some corrections/extra info. This can take some time. I will also update the photo gallery soon... If you have any questions, please send me an email: yoemy at hotmail dot com 

India Feb-March 2009 in PDF GPS info

Ethiopia October 2009 in PDF GPS info

Ecuador Februari 2010 in PDF

Northern Peru October 2010 in PDF 

Sabah March 2011 in PDF 

Philippines March 2011 in PDF

Colombian Andes dec 2011- jan 2012, Mitu and the Santa Marta area

Southern Peru July 2012

Madagascar October 2012 can be found here  

Morocco December 2012 (no report)

Java and Bali July 2013 (scheduled as next trip)